Personalized Walkabout Services

The "Walkabout" is a guided outdoor (indoor or virtual) walk that navigates you through expressive exercises that evoke many possible outcomes:  increased goal motivation, emotional healing, self-esteem building, increased relationship awareness, a personal solution for change, and/or value clarification.

The first step for people who are interested in a Personalized Walkabout is a Preplanning Session.

Let’s get you started!

A preplanning walkabout session will guide through the following steps:

  1. Exploring your needs and goals
  2. Determining how you best express yourself
  3. Answering questions prompting your self-awareness of your feelings, values, preferences, interests, challenges and what makes you feel safe
  4. Co-creating a plan for setting up your Personalized Walkabout

Note: Walkabout pre-planning service can be offered via Telehealth or in person

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