Stephen's Approach

I want to “unbox” & “uncage” the counseling experience for you.  I serve active individuals who are looking for a more creative & expressive therapy experience as an alternative to standard talk therapy.

I value a genuine and expressive approach to helping people who may experience barriers relating to depression, anxiety, and/or PTSD.  My trauma-informed experiential counseling approach incorporates movement, action methods, and meditation to make headway toward your goals.

I believe in helping you to refocus on your values to nurture your spirit, to support the growth of meaningful relationships, and to lead you to your own best solutions through expressive action.

Services include my signature “walkabouts”, individual counseling, group counseling, and guided meditation. Walkabout Action Counseling specializes in experiential methods that get you outside within nature, parks, as well as indoor community resources. Our “walkabout” is a guided & expressive process to help you explore your own visions for change and inspiration.


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Stephen Gaylord, Licensed Clinical Social Worker